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Pet Sitting Hours: Sun- Sat 7 AM - 9 PM 

We come to you!  Drop in Pet Sitting visits are customized by time to meet your specific pet's and home care needs daily. Our goal is to keep your pets loved, happy,  healthy, and your home secure while you are away whether it's for the day at the beach or a nice long vacay.  Only you know what is the best routine for your pets so, make sure you select the proper visit duration and how many each day to give your pet the best care.  Then,  relax knowing that your pets are well cared for and getting the attention, exercise and belly scratching they need.  

Quick Visit :  $17+ per visit
This 15 minute visit is good for pets that just need a quick potty break and / or feeding.  

Standard Visit : $21+ per visit   - Our 30 minute visit is the right amount of attention, exercise and administering medications for most pets.   

Extended Visit:  $30+ per visit   - The 45 minute visit is excellent for pets that like longer walks, critical medical needs and / or multiple pets households that require more attention.   

Extensive Visit:  $35+ per hour - The ultimate 60 minute visit is perfect for those pets who thrive on extra company, multiple pet households, have special needs and or want more attention/play/walks.  Limited to 3 hours at one setting. 


  • Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner served as instructed
  • Water bowls emptied and refilled with clean water
  • Bathroom breaks as needed
  • Social interaction: playtime, short walks, brushing, cuddling, or whatever is their normal routine
  • Mess clean up (potty accidents, hairballs, toys, food, etc.)
  • Litter boxes scooped and tidied up
  • Completed Visit Report Card sent directly to you.


Our Night Care pet sit (12 hours) are perfect for owners and their pets who want extra company during the night but not need much during the day.  One of our Around the Ranch Pet Club sitters will stay with your pets in your home through the night sleeping right next to your furry kids if you like.   This is also great for home security knowing someone in your home all night long.  Make sure to team up your Night Care Visit with either a Quick, Standard or Extended pet sit visit to complete the needs of your pets during the day.  Standard rates apply for day visits.  

Want 24/7 care? ​ The Live - In Pet Care Visit would be a perfect option - $110+

Give us a call for more information


  • Unlimited playtime, walks, fenced in yard time, brushing, cuddling, etc.
  • Meals served as instructed with fresh water 

  • Medication given as instructed

  • Litter boxes scooped and cleaned up
  • We even sleep with your pets if allowed!
  • Completed Visit Report Card Daily

For clients traveling for multiple days, our pet care services also included for free:

  • Mail, newspapers, and delivers are brought inside daily
  • Potted plants are kept watered (upon request)
  • Trash and recycling cans will be set out and brought as needed
  • Blinds are rotated and lights turned on/off

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