Our Night Care Visits are the ultimate in customized pet care! One of our Around the Ranch Pet Club sitter will stay with your pets in your home through the night. This is perfect for owners and their pets who want extra company and not to be left alone during the night.  Night Care Visits pair well with either a Quick, Standard or Extended pet sitting visit during the day to complete the needs of your pets.   We’ll discuss a plan for exactly how you would like for us to spend our time to give your pets the most enjoyment!

LIVE-IN PET SITTING - $100-120 Per 24 Hours

For those owners who want their pets to have it all, we offer around the clock care with our Live-in pet sitting service.  We will "move-in" your home while you are away , giving your pets that extra TLC just like you were there.   Your pets will keep to their normal routine giving them comfort and security in their own home and surroundings.  Also, by having us stay in your home, this help protects your home and or be alerted quickly if there are any problems.  Give us a call and we’ll discuss a plan for exactly how you would like for us to spend our time to give your pets the most enjoyment.



  • Minimum of 12 / 24 consecutive hours spent with your pets
  • Breakfast and dinner served as instructed
  • Water bowls cleaned and refilled with fresh water
  • Unlimited playtime, walks, fenced in yard time, brushing, cuddling, etc.
  • Litter boxes scooped and cleaned up
  • We even sleep with your pets if allowed!
  • Completed Visit Report Card Daily
  • Mail, newspapers, and delivers are brought inside daily
  • Potted plants are kept watered (upon request)
  • Trash and recycling cans will be set out and brought 
  • Blinds are rotated and lights turned on/off
  • We bring our own food, toiletries, etc, and follow your instructions for sleeping arrangements

*There may be additional charges for pet sitting visits on holidays, out of area and / or more than 2 dogs and special needs.  All rates are subject to change without notice.

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