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Our work week dog walking service is recommended for every dog and their owners that work extra-long hours away from home, or physically can't keep up with their dog's energy level. Fresh air, exercise and potty breaks are vital to any dog’s well-being no matter how young or old. No one has to tell you how much a walk and the great outdoors means to your dog! They would tell you if they could! Some dogs walk slower and sniff every spot while others love to run and burn off that extra energy. They will look forward to each and every walk plus you'll be thrilled how much happier and calm your dog is afterwards.

One of our professional dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your dogs, and take them for a walk that is catered to their energy level. Or as an alternative, playtime in your fenced yard can be requested. Schedule your dong's walk regularly whether it's once a week, every week day or what ever would fit in your schedule.


  • Standard Dog Walk: $25 per walk -  Our standard 30 minute walk is great to break up your dog's day.
  • Energy Releasing Dog Walk: $35 per walk -  Our 60 minute energy releasing walk for your dog that needs to burn off that extra energy or for the dogs that just like to sniff their way around town.  
There is no additional charges for multiple pets unless more than one walk is required.  

All dog walks are scheduled between 9AM -3PM Monday - Friday

For everyone’s safety, dogs must have reasonable leash behavior for this service. Our walkers will use best judgement for walk lengths during inclement weather (extreme heat, severe rain, thunderstorm, etc). In these situations indoor play will be used as a alternative, along with a bathroom break. 

A tired dog is a happy dog!


  • 1 or 2 on-leash dogs walked at the same time
  • Water bowls emptied and refilled with clean water
  • Waste pick-up
  • Treats (if applicable)
  • A short indoor cool down before saying goodbye
  • Completed daily visit report card sent directly to you

What our customers are saying. 

"Several years ago I went looking for a dog walker that could keep up with my high energy pointer. Thank goodness I found Chris. She did an amazing job exercising my "Hunter" and draining his energy by roller blading him around the neighborhood before I got home. YEAH!! Best dog walker ever!"

Hunter - Bob

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