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Around the Ranch offers different types of dog training options to fit your new puppy or older dog's needs.  Basic Obedience I and 2, Rapid Recall, Behavior Training,  and other specialized areas.  All classes and training session are done 1 on 1 at your home or specific location that will work with your pet requirements for training.  

In addition to dog training, Around the Ranch Pet Club offers "Match Maker"  and "Coming Home" sessions to help you find your next furry kid and how to prepare your home when you bring them home.  Finding the right dog that fits your life style is not always easy but with our experience we will guide you in the right direction.  


Basic Obedience Training - $150 per class

Basic obedience training class includes: Sit, stay, down, name, come, heel, focus and place. Age 3 months and older. Training class meets in your home once a week for ½ hour sessions for 6 weeks with you.

Basic Obedience Training II - $150 per class

Basic obedience training II class includes: Advance Sit-stay, down-stay, heel, wait, stop and leave it. Age 6 months and older. Training class meets in your home once a week for ½ hour sessions for 6 weeks with you. Must have completed Basic Obedience I.

Behavior Training- $75 per hour

Behavior training is identifying a particular problem and showing the owners how to address it correctly. Examples: Potty training, excessive barking, chewing, aggressive, fearful, digging, leash pulling and much more. Sessions are 1 hour with additional ½ hour follow up. A plan is developed to continue improvement with the pet.

Rapid Recall Training- $150 per hour

The Rapid Recall class could save your dog’s life. This is the perfect training for the dog that will not come when called. Training class meets in your home once a week for ½ hour sessions for 6 weeks with you. Must have know Basic Obedience commands

Match Maker - $50 per session

Before you come home with that cute puppy you saw in the window, make sure they are the right one for you. I will help you analysis and look at the characteristics of different breeds so that you can begin developing an idea of what kind of pet is right for you. Sessions are 1 hour long. 

Coming Home - $50 per session

You’ve found your perfect furry match, now what do you do? You will need to prep your home for the new arrival whether it's a puppy or older doggie. I will assist you in outfitting your home, get a shopping list together of supplies and create a plan that will lead you and your canine buddy down the right path. Sessions are 1 hour

 All rates are subject to change with notice. 

What our customers are saying

With Chris and her staff at Around the Ranch Pet Club caring for Juju, I know everything is great and Juju will be cared for over and above the norm. Juju is normally timid and afraid of new people. When I receive the photos from each visit, Juju meets them at the door and plays with them instead of hiding. This let's me know she is relaxed and happy.

I could not ask for better care for Juju

Juju - Rick

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